Treasure Trove Fund Established at the Winona Community Foundation, Earned a $5,000 Match

Individuals from the Cochrane-Fountain City School District partnered with the Winona Community Foundation to establish a new fund to provide supplemental financial support for their school. The fund is cleverly named the Treasure Trove Giving Circle in honor of the school’s mascot, the C-FC Pirates, and they successfully raised $27,000 in 25 days. Because they partnered with the Winona Community Foundation, they also received a $5,000 match for their newly established fund, giving them over $30,000 to support their efforts.

“Monies raised will benefit the C-FC School District and will be used to enhance existing programs or implement new ones, to recognize outstanding staff for their contributions, to purchase equipment and, in general, to enrich the educational experience in ways above and beyond what can currently be done,” shares Kalene Engel, an advisor for the Treasure Trove Giving Circle. “We are grateful to work with the Winona Community Foundation to get this important initiative off the ground.”

The Winona Community Foundation is proud to partner with individuals and organizations to support their charitable interests. Learn more this type of fund and matching dollars available for newly established donor advised funds at To learn more about the Treasure Trove Giving Circle, please visit

Pictured here receiving the funds on behalf of the Treasure Trove Giving Circle were (front row, L-R) Dr. Jo-Ellen Fairbanks, C-FC Superintendent; Joe Kaczorowski, Director; Steve Scharlau, Treasurer; Jeff Hofer, Vice-President (back row, L-R) Nicki Adank, Secretary; Kelli Krzyszton, Nancy Brown, President/CEO of the Winona Community Foundation; President; Karla Patzner, Director and Kalene Engel, School Board Liaison. (Not pictured: Michelle Schmidtknecht, Joy Hittner and Jared Cyrus, Directors)