About the Winona Nonprofit Alliance

The Winona Nonprofit Alliance is a large, vibrant gathering and network of over 50 of Winona’s nonprofit organizations of all sizes to collaborate on programs and services, network and share resources, and maximize community impact.

The group is able to build close relationships among members through regular gatherings and events, shares resources, provides mentoring and professional development, and aligns nonprofits’ work to best serve Winona and the surrounding communities.

Alliance members range from small arts and civic organizations without full-time staff to large human services and education organizations with hundreds of employees. The Winona Community Foundation provides oversight and administration, with a team of Winona nonprofit leaders guiding the group’s vision and activities, and is guided by a leadership team chosen by full membership.

Want to join the Alliance? Membership is just $50 a year, or $25 for nonprofits without full-time staff.

Alliance members began gathering in 2017 to address the nonprofit community’s needs after the closure of the United Way. The group has since met regularly at partner nonprofits, hosted more than a dozen professional development events, teamed up on collaborative programs and services, shared office and meeting space, and more.

A generous grant from the Otto Bremer Trust in 2020 allowed the Alliance to create a new and expanded vision, build a leadership team and organizational structure, and come under the umbrella of the Community Foundation.

The Alliance’s first project is a one-stop-shop giving portal, Winona Gives, for the community to learn more about and donate directly to nonprofits doing great work in the Winona area.

Professional development trainings we have offered:

  • How To Be A Rock Star Board Member – annual half-day board development workshop
  • Professional networking events – held in Winona with regional and state funders and organizations. Past presenters have included: Otto Bremer Trust, Bush Foundation, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Propel Nonprofits, Minnesota State Arts Board, Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration, Charities Review Council, and others
  • Regular workshops and trainings led by local experts, including: Engaging your board in fundraising; building and using nonprofit dashboards; working with local media to tell your story; advocating for change without getting political; using social media to promote your nonprofit and engage with your community; and more
  • Convenings and conversations on big issues: Adapting to the realities of COVID-19, cooperative scheduling for fundraising events, exploring collaborative nonprofit space, and more

Want to join the Alliance? Membership is just $50 a year, or $25 for nonprofits without full-time staff.

Membership includes six two-hour gatherings per year, lunch-and-learn series, board development, special events, shared communication, professional development, relationships, collaboration, resource and knowledge sharing, and a spot on our Winona Gives page.

Download this info sheet to learn more about the Alliance’s activities. Ready to join? Contact us at wcf@winonacf.org.

What Does the Membership Include?

  • Gatherings
    The Winona Nonprofit Alliance Roundtable gathers the second Wednesday from 8 AM – 10 AM every other month. This includes: January, March, May, July, September and November. The location for the gatherings rotate among member organizations.

    What does a meeting look like?

    First hour: A host presentation, discussion on key nonprofit issues and topics, and opportunities to share needs, opportunities and events.
    Second hour: Professional development training provided by a Roundtable member or visiting expert on topics chosen by the Roundtable.

  • Lunch-and-Learn Series
    These gatherings occur when local and regional experts present and network to the Alliance. Past visitors have included: Otto Bremer Trust, Bush Foundation, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Charities Review Council and more.

  • Board Development
    The Alliance plans a half-day board development training, provided at-cost for all members and board-of-directors. The Alliance also provides regular opportunities and resources to help members train and develop their board.

  • Special Events
    The Roundtable is in the process of planning events to spread awareness, which may include an annual event, a tabling fair, and other ideas.

  • Shared Communication
    Members have access to an email distribution list. This opportunity allows them to promote opportunities, ask questions and share resources. Members also have personal contact info for Alliance organizations.

  • Professional Development
    Members receive training and skill-building in topics they choose: fundraising, marketing, leadership, human resources, and more! Members are guaranteed six one-hour trainings a year, free admittance to lunch-and-learn series and at-cost admittance to larger events.

  • Relationships
    The Alliance is the largest and only gathering of nonprofits in the Winona area. Get to know your nonprofit community! Members are able to build relationships, share expertise and knowledge, ask questions, celebrate successes, commiserate shared challenges, and support each other.

  • Collaborations
    There’s no better place to find someone to team up with on your next grant or program, community event, or other opportunity! Alliance members regularly share programming, meeting space, materials and resources.

  • Resource Sharing
    Alliance members regularly share and donate meeting space, supplies, materials, and other physical resources.

  • Knowledge
    Whether it’s the inside scoop on what local philanthropists are looking to fund, the needs and challenges the Winona community is facing, or first looks at upcoming trends and issues, the Alliance ensures you’re the first to know.

2022 Alliance Leadership Team

Doug Grout

Executive Director
Contact Doug Grout

Nancy Brown
Winona Community Foundation
Contact Nancy Brown

Margarita Licon

Development & Marketing Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the 7 Rivers Region
Contact Margarita Licon

Erik Sievers

Executive Director
Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center
Contact Erik Sievers

Keri Cada
Director of Licensing and Policy
Home and Community Options
Contact Keri Cada

Katrice Sisson
Manager of Community and Donor Relations
Winona Health
Contact Katrice Sisson

Marcia Ratliff
Executive Director
Engage Winona
Contact Marcia Ratliff

Eileen Moeller
Managing Director
Frozen River Film Festival
Contact Eileen Moeller

Frankie Sears
Scout Executive/CEO
Gamehaven Council: Boy Scouts
Contact Frankie Sears

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