At the core of any fundraising program is the all-important factor of trust. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that donor trust in nonprofit organizations may be waning. But that doesn’t mean your organization has to be part of this trend.

Here are three suggestions for boosting donor trust in your organization’s ability to deliver on its mission over the long-term.

Get donors involved now

As you and your team encourage donors to include your organization in their estate plans, consider also helping your donors make meaningful contributions during their lifetimes. Donor engagement is one of the best ways to build trust and confidence in the effectiveness of the services your organization provides to the community. Lifetime gifts–leading up to a planned gift–help legacy donors see the results of their gifts. Donors can also get involved as volunteers, board members, or even as observers at a site visit to your organization.

Invite the next generation

Donors who are planning to leave a planned gift by definition are already taking steps to establish a legacy. Many of these donors will likely welcome the opportunity to involve their children and grandchildren with your organization. Consider encouraging your legacy donors to invite other family members to your organization’s briefings, annual events, and fundraisers. Your team’s relationships across generations will go a long way to establishing trust with a legacy donor’s family.

Show gratitude and celebrate results

As the year progresses, find creative ways to keep your donors informed about your mission and your team’s accomplishments. Get up to speed on how donors make decisions. Donors want to give to the aspects of your programs that are important to them, and they want to understand how their gifts are making a difference. Build trust with donors by starting every conversation with thanking them for their gifts to date and showing them what those gifts have achieved.