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From: Tedd and Tracy Morgan, Thern, Inc.

Thern, Inc. has partnered with the Winona Community Foundation (WCF) for our philanthropic giving for more than five years now. We have always enjoyed the friendly and professional service provided by the WCF staff.

Over the years we have realized the convenience and benefit of setting aside funds on a regular schedule that works for Thern. This allows us to build a fund managed by the WCF. It is good to know that the dollars in the fund are invested and growing under the diligent care of the WCF. Thern is able to level out contributions to ease the burden on cash flow, while also being able to immediately process contributions as charitable donations, regardless of how much time passes between the time of contributing to our fund managed by the WCF and the time of distributing dollars to other organizations in and around the community as part of our charitable giving program.

Thern is committed to giving back to the community we are a part of, so we love to receive requests for donations. But we cannot say yes to every solicitation. We have a written Give Back policy which guides our annual giving, and we set an annual giving budget every year. Working with the WCF helps us manage our Give Back program effectively and efficiently. The WCF is able to vet different organizations, to help us make sure they are qualified as charitable organizations. The WCF also helps us track our giving, so we can easily and effectively manage our annual Give Back budget, and the process for submitting distributions is simple, smooth, and timely.

Most important to us is the fact that the WCF also gives back to the community of which we are a part. By working with the WCF we are able to realize a double benefit from our Give Back program.

If you or your company are interested in giving back to your community, we highly recommend opening a fund with the Winona Community Foundation, and using their services to help you accomplish your own philanthropic goals.

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