Scholarship Funds at the Community Foundation

The Winona Community Foundation houses individual scholarship funds established for various purposes ranging from pre-school tuition assistance to scholarships for employees and their children of an area business. The application for each of these scholarships are administered separately from the Foundation.

Benefits of a Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation

If you are considering establishing a scholarship, the Winona Community Foundation provides an easy, cost-effective solution. Here are some of the benefits of establishing a scholarship fund at the Winona Community Foundation:

  • You can benefit students coming from or enrolling in more than one school or college
  • Scholarship programs may be for enrollment at summer camps to medical college, for children to adults of all ages, for dance lessons to space camp
  • You can pay tribute to an individual(s) by naming the fund after that person
  • We handle all the paperwork for your fund, including fund statements, check-writing, tax filings, and annual financial audits
  • Monies are combined with the Foundation’s assets and are invested by professionals
  • Balance out good and bad years by investing more when you can but being able to give out the same amount of money during other lean years
  • The scholarships are awarded by your independent committee review process

For more information on establishing a scholarship fund, please contact the Winona Community Foundation at 507-454-6511 or