During periods of economic uncertainty, a charitable organization’s board of directors may ask more questions about the most effective ways to grow the organization’s endowment, how to structure and accept gifts of real estate and other hard-to-value assets, and how to follow best practices for establishing and following an investment policy. Sometimes even the most well-planned board meetings wind up as a venue for surprising discussions!

If conversations about your endowment, gift acceptance standards, or investment policies are bubbling up with your board members, please give us a call. At the very least, we can offer suggestions for addressing board members’ concerns. Our team can also fill you in on the benefits of establishing an agency fund at the community foundation. Here’s why many organizations in our community have done so:

  • An agency fund at the community foundation is a powerful step toward securing your organization’s financial future for generations to come.
  • Nonprofit organizations frequently establish agency funds at the community foundation to set aside reserves or rainy day funds.
  • The Winona Community Foundation is adept at navigating the specific accounting standards that are unique to this type of arrangement.
  • The Winona Community Foundation can help establish investment policies and gift acceptance policies, making it easier for you to engage in fundraising discussions.

We’d love to help your organization navigate today’s challenging marketplace and help you build a bright future for the people you serve.