Islamic Center of Winona Grant

“We are pleased to report that all feedback from the guests was very positive. Many of them made donations on their way out to help the refugees,” stated by council member Ahmed El-Afandi.

The Islamic Center of Winona received a Winona Community Foundation Community Grant Cycle 1 in April of 2022. The organization received $1,500. The grant supported a hosted dinner on April 30th that introduced new Afghan families to up to 150 members of the Winona Community.

On the evening of April 30th, a program honored the Afghan refugees in Winona and the group of Winona volunteers who helped them adjust to the community. The program included speeches by two of the refugees about their experience in leaving Afghanistan in August 2021. A dinner for the attendees catered by the Holy Land resturant in Minneapolis followed the program.

Aaron Young, a Winona Community Foundation board member, attended the event. Young states, “this was a wonderful evening. This was a great way to build cultural understanding and awareness.  Ahmed did an excellent job of helping non-Muslims understand what was going on and feel welcome and included. And the food was very tasty! Great efforts were made to recognize all of the individuals and groups who have helped make refugee transitions as easy as possible.”

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Winona Community Foundation

The Islamic Center of Winona provides a place for Muslim community members to gather and exchange religious knowledge and to provide each other the necessary support. Additionally, the ICW engages in inter-religious dialogue with Christian, Jewish and other religious groups in the greater Winona area.

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