Winona Community Foundation Community Assessment Survey

We want your feedback!

Winona Community Foundation (the Foundation) is undertaking a strategic assessment and planning process and would like to incorporate the feedback of its community, constituents, and stakeholders. Toward this goal, Winona Community Foundation is conducting a survey to better understand its work. As one of the Foundation’s key stakeholders, you’ve been chosen to participate in this brief online survey. We’d like to hear your reflections and feedback on the Foundation and its work, as well as solicit your advice on its future strategies and roles.

This survey is confidential and should only take 10 minutes. Responses are requested before March 31.

All data collected will be synthesized with many others in a summary provided by The Philanthropic Initiative (a third-party research firm) to the Foundation. Thank you in advance for your feedback. If you have any questions, please contact Mahalia Banton by email at or at 617-338-2590 ext. 5881.

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