Giving Wisely with 2020 Tax Laws
A Zoom Series with President/CEO, Nancy Brown

It’s almost October. Are you one of those people who have already completed your holiday shopping? Or are you getting started now with the intent to have it all done before Thanksgiving? Or, are you like me, waiting until the last possible minute to shop, wrap, and ship packages? Maybe even AFTER the New Year?

Fortunately, my friends and family have accepted that this is who I am. But when it comes to my philanthropy, the IRS isn’t so forgiving. When you give and how you give matters. If you want to learn more about how to leverage your giving in a way that not only benefits the charities you care but can also provide you with some tax advantages, consider attending one of the Winona Community Foundation’s Giving Wisely Zoom sessions.

In this session, you will learn about: recent changes in tax law that may impact the deductibility of your contributions, why cash isn’t always king when it comes to making a gift to charity, and how a donor advised fund might be a smart way to bundle your charitable contributions.

Who Should Attend: Charitably-minded individuals starting to plan for year-end giving.

This session is not a solicitation and does not promote giving to one specific charity over another.

The October 1 webinar is over but if you are interested in this content please contact Nancy Brown at the Foundation: (507)454-6511.