The Winona Community Foundation can work with you to create and package a gift of a Foundation fund, pre-established and pre-funded, personalized in the name of your gift recipient. Your gift recipient can be a partner, child, grandchild, colleague, or friend. Frequently taking the form of a donor-advised fund, a gift of a fund empowers the recipient to experience the benefits of working with the community foundation to support their favorite causes.

Whether you are a current fundholder at the Winona Community Foundation or just considering it, we can help you create a gift fund from soup to nuts, including granting the recipient online access to recommend grants from their new fund. You can literally put a bow on the carefully rolled up fund document, sign a card listing the login URL and credentials to view the fund online, and present the package to the child, grandchild, friend or colleague as a gift. Both giver and receiver will love the experience.

When the recipient is a child or grandchild, educational opportunities are a natural follow up. For example, you can work with the Foundation to find resources on our website and structure a family giving session over Zoom where participants learn the basics of charitable giving and are introduced to key issues facing communities in our region and across the country. This type of experience helps the family’s values stay intact across generations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon about creating a gift of giving for someone you love!