Lewiston Volunteer Ambulance received a $4,883 Cycle 1 Community Grant from the Winona Community Foundation in 2023. These dollars supported their education program that provides Emergency Medicine Technicians (EMTs) with valuable experience and real-world techniques needed in the field.

Yearly, Lewiston Volunteer Ambulance responds to over 200 calls and covers a 125 square mile area. Because of the community grant they received, they have been able to purchase simulation training equipment for students to practice life-saving skills, such as cardiac monitoring, cardiac arrest management, and administering IV therapy. Additionally, the hands-on use of the equipment enhances teamwork and team dynamic skills that are crucial during emergency calls.

Not only have their current members been able to use the new equipment, Lewiston Ambulance has also been able to use the equipment to help train other rural EMS providers. Between the two ambulance services of Lewiston and St. Charles, over 70 EMS providers now have access to the equipment and use it to practice and improve their skills. Members of both the Lewiston Ambulance and St. Charles Ambulance have trained together using the equipment and have found the use of the equipment invaluable, with multiple members commenting on how great it was to have this simulation equipment to further their knowledge.

Looking ahead, the program is set to make an even greater impact in the years to come. The volunteer ambulance plans to run courses through the Lewiston EMS Training program which will reach college students at Winona State University, St. Mary’s University, and Southeast Tech. Many of these students are going into law enforcement and will need the EMS training to obtain their degrees. The equipment will also be used in Spring 2024 to train local high school students as Emergency Medical Responders.

An important part of the Winona Community Foundation’s mission is realized though awarding community grants to meet the ever-changing needs of the community through a competitive process. Funding for this program comes from generous people, like you, who invest in the community and the Foundation. Whether through direct donations, establishing endowments, or holding charitable funds at the Foundation, these diverse sources of funding are instrumental in supporting the community grant program. As a result, local nonprofits in the Winona area greatly benefit from this program, which has become an essential asset in meeting the needs of the community.

To learn more about the City of Lewiston Volunteer Ambulance, please visit https://www.lewistonmn.org/services/ambulance.